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Wondering what's new with EGAD?

A number of our group members are presently key contributors to the national E-CORE initiative, developing Assessment related supports for the engineering instructional community in the context of remote learning, as well as working on a number of other resources. We hope that you will consider supporting this timely and worthwhile initiative, as well. Signing up is free and simply requires filling in a profile to get started.

Click here to access the E-CORE Hub
  • December 2019: Graduate Attribute Continual Improvement Process (GACIP) Summit hosted at the University of Toronto. All of this years presentation and workshop materials can be found here.

  • October 2019: On-line Resource Hub Redesign
    The EGAD on-line resource hub completely redesigned and updated. Take a look around and let us know what you think!

  • June 2019: Workshop given at the Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA) National Conference

  • May 2019: Workshop given at the Atlantic Meeting on Engineering Graduate Attributes (AMEGA)

Events of Potential Interest

Continuous program improvement practice and engineering education research are both relatively new fields, and so opportunities to discuss ideas and issues with those who are also working in these areas are particularly valued by researchers. The following yearly events provide this opportunity: