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Why we’re here

As Canadian faculties and schools of engineering continue to make the transition to outcome-based programming, assessment, and accreditation, the EngineeringĀ Graduate AttributeĀ Development (EGAD) Project serves as a collaborative locus for institutions and educators. This On-line Resource Hub provides tools and information relevant to all those involved in the ongoing development, implementation, and support of effective continuous program improvement practices.

Featured Content

  • The Big Picture

    An executive summary level providing key information relating to the benefits of effective continuous program improvement practices and the accreditation process for Canadian engineering programs.

  • The 6-step Guide

    An EGAD Project designed guide to undertaking a systematic program review and managing the transition from this being an imposed process to it being a continuous cycle of program improvement.

  • Resources

    An extensive offering of relevant supplementary and complimentary content

  • Booking & Contact

    Workshop Booking and Contact information for EGAD Project Members.