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Engineering Graduate Attribute Development (EGAD) Project


As Canadian faculties and schools of engineering make the transition to outcome-based programming, assessment, and accreditation, the Engineering Graduate Attribute Development (EGAD) Project has been formed in order to assist our engineering colleagues in this endeavour. It is a collaborative effort that is co-sponsored by the National Council of Deans of Engineering and Applied Science (NCDEAS), and Engineers Canada.


The EGAD Project recommendations are offered to universities through regional workshops and this web site, which includes: vetted lists of resources, training materials, and detailed descriptions of processes in development within a sampling of Canadian engineering programs.  The EGAD Project serves as a collaborative hub for institutions and educators to share resources for accreditation and continuous program improvement purposes.  Lastly, the EGAD Project serves as a facilitator, to open the lines of discussion between educators and institutions with common goals and challenges in outcome-based programming, assessment and accreditation.

How to Use This Site

Those seeking specific information relevant for an impending accreditation cycle will want to begin with the Accreditation Related Resources.  Those contemplating the longer term process for their program will want to start with the Continuous Program Development Resources. Brief descriptions are provided down below; click on continue for details.  

Those seeking assistance with specific elements of outcome-based programming are encouraged to use the contact page to submit their query.  A representative for the group will answer your question, and be available for further discussion if desired.

The EGAD group encourages all visitors to submit any materials (course based learning outcomes, indicators, rubrics) concerning graduate attributes that they would like to see listed as a resource. The EGAD project hopes to offer sample materials for graduate attribute assessment categorized by specific graduate attribute and course experience.

All visitors are encouraged to return often, and explore all aspects of the site. The content will be updated on an ongoing basis, and we welcome feedback on usability as part of our commitment to continuous improvement

Accreditation Related

A quick reference list for those in the midst of preparing for an accreditation visit

Continuous Program
Improvement Resources

An extensive offering of tools for those undertaking a systematic program review

The EGAD Project Group

The EGAD Project group includes engineering educators, administrators and educational developers from :